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There's over 300 Million people in the US and there’s over 100.000 Insurance & Investment leads being generated each and everyday by consumers going online filling out quote forms. It’s a great opportunity for you to get listed and be found by these consumers and generate your own exclusive leads! The cost to get listed for the whole year is cheaper than what you would typically pay for just “one lead” through a lead vendor!

The best leads are ones who “Contact You First” while actively shopping!

Q: Why Should I Join AgentSearch.org?

A: There’s over 100.000 Insurance & Investment leads being generate each and every day by consumers searching online - it’s time to get your share! Plus, you can network with other fellow agents on the directory by exchanging leads and referring business back and forth! Most importantly, this site will always be free for consumers to search for you and your products! This is the way of the future so don’t get left behind and signup today!

Q: Who can join AgentSearch.org?

A: Any licensed insurance agent or advisor can join our agent directory whether you are a Captive Agent or an Independent Agent. We do not sell insurance so there’s no switching of hierarchy’s or insurance contracts to sign. All that we ask is that you be professional and courteous to all consumers from the site and respond back to them in a timely manner with great customer service, products and best possible rates so they recommend all their friends to use the site!

Q: How to Get Extra Leads from Us?

A: If you’re listed with us on the directory, you’ll have the option to purchase extra leads from us whenever a consumer fills out the form wanting Us to Help Match them with a local insurance expert! This usually happens when a consumer searches for a product but there’s no local agent listed on the directory in their area to service them. When this happens, we’ll reach out to other listed agents on the directory close by if they want to purchase the lead and help service the consumer.

Q: What is the Sidebar Profile Box?

A: The Sidebar Profile is the box that says “Can We Help?” It shows up to the top right next to the agent listings for the entire state whenever a consumer searches any products. You can secure this box for a small monthly fee with your profile pic or agency name and phone number listed on it. It’s a great way to generate maximum amount of leads for your entire state especially if you sell products over the phone or if you have multiple locations or agents throughout your state. Your listing will show up for all zip codes searched in your state for your products. Call us today for complete details (800) 670-1642 to secure your spot!

Q: How will Consumers find me?

A: Consumers simply enter their zip code and selects a product that they are looking to purchase and will be matched with all agents registered in a 25 mile radius of their search. Agents will be sorted by distance to zip code entered.

Q: Why choose the $24 Yearly Sponsored Account?

A: It’s the best value! The goal is to generate the most amount of possible leads from consumers shopping for insurance products in your area! With this option you get to select up to five different lead categories for consumers to search you by! Plus, you have the option of adding on extra lead categories past your 5 free ones for only $5 each and you have the option of adding extra Zip Code listings for only $10 each. Other directories charge full price for each and every listing.

Q: What Lead Categories Should I Select?

A: To generate the maximum amount of potential leads we highly recommend the $24 Yearly Sponsored option so you can be searched by up to 5 different product categories! Here are some lead categories suggestions: P&C Agents could select Auto, Home, Life, Renters, Motorcycle, Boat, Farm and Business. Medicare Agents could select Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Plans, Dental, Vision and Critical Illness products. Health Agents could select Health Insurance, Short Term Medical, Dental, Vision and Ancillary products. Life Agents could select Life Insurance, Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Disability, Accident and Life Settlements. Investment Advisors could select Retirement Services, Stock, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Life Settlements and Annuities. The goal is to be searched by as many products that you offer so consumers can find you.

Q: Are My Leads 100% Exclusive?

A: Absolutely, the customers calls your phone number directly that you list on your profile! The customer also has an option to contact you directly by filling out the Agent Contact Form on your profile and instantly goes directly to your email address that you listed when setting up your profile. We do not track these emails nor do we trade, sell or exchange your leads! The only way a customer could get multiple calls if they filled out multiple agents contact forms on the directory or called multiple agents.

Q: Join Our Agents Lead Referral Network?

A: When you signup you can connect with a network of agents in your area to trade leads and build referral relationships with other agents on the directory who can also refer you and your services. If you’re a L&H agent why not purchase your Home & Auto insurance from a P&C Agent listed on the directory in your area and if you’re a P&C agent why not purchase your Life & Health back from them? Same goes with investment advisors, we all need different types of insurance products ourselves so let’s support each other by buying and referring business only to agents listed on the directory! Together we are all one big insurance family trying to build a business to support our families - so let’s help each other out!

Q: Generating More Traffic & More Member Discounts?

A: As we continue to grow in size with more agents joining us part of each member signup fee will go towards driving more and more traffic to our website through SEO, paid per click, google analytics, email marketing, google AdWords, landing pages, social media platforms, monthly FB contest, press releases, blogs, national magazine advertisements, mobile apps, radio and TV ads thus generating more and more leads for our member agents! Plus, we’ll be able to offer more and deeper discounts to our members for CE Credits, E&O Insurance, Websites, Quote Engines, CRM Systems, Dialers and Lead Programs all at larger discount than you could get on your own. Please help refer other agents to us to build a stronger platform for all!

Q: Access to Thousands of Aged Leads?

A: As a member benefit to help our agents generate more sales inexpensively, we have a third-party lead aggregator with access to hundreds of thousands of aged insurance leads weekly! These are from consumers who went online searching for the following types of insurance products Auto, Home, Life, Final Expense, Health Insurance, Annuity and Medicare Supplements. They are between 15 and 60 days old at a fraction of the cost compared to real-time leads from lead vendors. They are a great inexpensive way to generate extra sales! Plus, add them to your email campaign to generate your own exclusive leads! This is how most of the well-known lead vendors generate their leads. They repopulated inexpensive aged leads and sell them off as real-time leads for $20 to $50 a piece. We’ll teach how to do this for pennies on the dollar – call us today!

Q: I don't have a website, can you help?

A: Yes! In the near future, we’ll be rolling out a Sponsored listing that includes a fully customizable personal website for only $49 a year! Who wants to spend thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars for a website plus get stuck with annoying monthly hosting fee’s – nobody does! You’ll get to choose your domain name, email address, upload graphics, write articles, all of which lends legitimacy to yourself as an agent in your area - no coding or expensive upfront or monthly hosting fee’s. We want to make it as simple as possible and affordable as possible for agents without a web presence to get additional exposure with an professional looking website to increase sales!

Q: What are Agent Angels & Angel Wishes?

A: Agent Angels are “Agents with Hearts Y” they believe in the worthy cause in granting Angel Wishes to kids with life threatening medical conditions and terminal illnesses. Angel Wishes can be anything form arts & crafts, toys, iPads, laptops, instruments, playscapes or weekend getaway trips with famly. The more agents that join us the more Angel Wishes we can grant together! Please Join Us today and fly with us as an Agent Angel in the eyes of a child!

Q: How do I become an Agent Angels Proud Member?

A: When you sign up on any plan, part of your signup fee goes to become an Agent Angel which goes towards granting Angel Wishes to sick children in your state! The Agent Angels Proud Member logo will be displayed next to your profile for all consumers to see. Plus, you’ll have the right to us the Agent Angels Proud Member logo on your business cards and website to let the whole world know to do business with you because you’re an Agent with Heart!

Q: Can I refer a Child for an Angel Wish?

A: Absolutely, we rely mostly on our agents to refer kids from their own communities that they want to make a positive experience in that child’s life by granting them an Angel Wish. Call us for details!

Disclaimer: AgentSearch.org does not sell insurance, investments or give advice. We are simply a free resource directory helping consumers search local insurance agents or financial advisors that specialize in certain types of insurance and financial products. You are under no obligations to use any of our listed agents or financial advisors and it’s solely your responsibility to do you own due diligence to learn more about the products, services, advice, and opinions given or about the listed agents/advisors. This solicitation is insurance related.